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working with contractors

Efficiency Kansas lets you work with the contractors you choose. Just give contractors the detailed specifications you received with your Energy Conservation Plan and ask for final (firm) bids. The number of bids you solicit is up to you. Once you've decided which contractors you want to work with, you'll pass along their bid information to your energy auditor to update the cost estimates in the original Energy Conservation Plan.

  • When soliciting bids, you should provide contractors with copies of the Contractor Terms and Conditions form. If this is a small-business project, you'll also need to give them the Davis Bacon Acknowledgment Form. Contractor bids must include these forms.
  • Customers are not required to take the lowest bid, but the total project cost can not exceed estimated savings during payback period (15 years or less).
  • All bids must be final bids; no change orders will be allowed. Contractors are encouraged to inspect the property thoroughly before submitting bids.
  • Under no circumstances will the Kansas Energy Office finance more than the amount approved in the Energy Conservation Plan. Amount invoiced can not exceed final bid unless contractor has written approval from the customer to deviate from the original bid. Any excess costs will be the customer's responsibility.
  • Customers submit final contractor bids to the energy auditor, along with the signed Contractor Terms and Conditions form and, for small-business projects, the signed Davis-Bacon Acknowledgment form.

See more information about how the Efficiency Kansas process works.

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